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Holiday Gift Guide - Toddler

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I thought finding Christmas gifts for my 1 year old was going to be a piece of cake this year, and yet I was paralyzed with indecision. There are too many choices! And we all know this year's holiday season isn't going to be like the rest of them (thanks Covid-19). My first instinct was to order all the things from Amazon, but I wanted to also support some local businesses.

So! After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to follow a simple format: something to read, something to wear, something I want, and something I need! In full transparency, I did not come up with this little format, but I really liked it so I am going with it. I also thought, I can't be the only one out there struggling, so I've decided to make a Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers!

You will find a variety of items - some from small shops, some from larger corporations. Hopefully with this guide, you'll be able to find the most perfect gift for the toddlers in your life!

Something to Read

Usborne Sound Books are overall AMAZING! From the beautiful illustrations, bright colours. and realistic sounds, any book from this series would be a hit. I chose the Winter Wonderland title because, well. duh! My girl LOVES the Jungle Sounds version and I can't wait for her to open up this one!

You can find the sound books on Amazon or you can find an independent Usborne representative if you prefer!

If 2020 has taught us one thing it's that it is time we ALL do our part to ensure a more equitable society. As a parent who's responsible for teaching our little ones about these big concepts, I am so grateful for books like Antiracist Baby.

If you're looking for other inclusive-centric books. I urge you to take a look at @inclusivestorytime on Instagram. Its an invaluable resource when building a library for your little one!

Lift the flap books are always a hit with little kids. Combine them with bright colours and a fun game, this book is sure to be a hit!

Honestly, if you find yourself standing in the children's book section trying to decide what to pick, find a flap book. You can't go wrong! Indigo has a wide variety to choose from.

Who doesn't want to encourage our kiddos to dream big?! Dream Big, Little One is so good and needed in every toddler's library. Sometimes even I am inspired when reading to Lola.

This is a board book version of Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History telling the story of 18 black women who set out to change the world - and they did! Its the perfect book to inspire big dreams at the end of the day!

This may not be a book suggestion, but these flash cards are a HUGE hit in our house.

So many pros about this set of cards which includes:

- actual photos of the animals instead of cartoon drawings

- the pronunciation of the animal in different languages

- question suggestions to help foster a discussion around the card

- Best part is the touch-and-feel aspect on each card!

They also have First Words and Shapes and Colours

Something to Wear

Allergy Aware Threads

These tees from The Wicklow Project are so genius! If you have a toddler in your life with a food allergy, these would make a great gift under the tree. The shop has allergy aware apparel for nuts, dairy, egg, and gluten. They come in tees, baseball tees, and sweaters and start at size 2T.

If you don't have to worry about allergies in your house, The Wicklow Project also have sweaters for Pink Shirt Day! This shop is located in Vancouver, BC - so you can feel good about supporting a small Canadian Business!

Stylin' Leggings

Simply Love is a Calgary, AB based children's clothing shop. Their whole shop is to die for, but I can't get over the selection of leggings that would look cute on a little boy or girl. From the neutral black and white to a more bright and cheery pattern, these leggings would be a fun and practical addition to any toddler wardrobe. Starting in size 0-3, they could even be matching for big and little sibling! Some of the leggings go up to size 6T.

Osh Kosh B'Gosh

Toddlers in overalls is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I have always been happy to receive these as gifts for Lola, and Carter's Osh Kosh is THE place to go for these iconic pieces. There's always a great selection between denim, corduroy, and plenty of seasonal colours. Also, if you sign up on the email list, you'll probably never have to pay full price for these babies!

The Perfect Accessory

Every outfit needs a finishing touch which you can find this and more at Hello Freckles! Another Calgarian shop of handmade goodies, Hello Freckles has a wide variety of bows for any style or occasion. They also have amazing scrunchies for the older kiddos or moms in your life (hello mom bun!). These bows would make for a great stocking stuffer. And don't hesitate to buy two of a smaller bow like the Dottie if your toddler loves pig tails!

Something I Want

Personalized Toys

Wooden Puzzle Name has so many options for making learning your name fun! The bench, puzzle, and train are all fun toys but also great learning tools. You can choose the colours of the letters and what little icon you would like added as each piece is a custom, handmade order. I got Lola one with a little owl. The puzzles come with a free engraving on the back so I got the alphabet to help Lola learn her letters!

Mini Chef's Dream

We love our play kitchen at our house! They're great for role playing and fostering a sense of imagination. They're also great for opening and closing doors, sorting accessories, and figuring out how things work. I have always been a fan of IKEA's DUKTIG kitchen, but am so happy to see they've added two new ones at even lower price points.

And IKEA doesn't stop there. They have all the accessories your mini chef will need to create an imaginary 5 course Christmas dinner. In fact, if you're stuck for something fun to gift the toddlers in your life, check out the entire Children's IKEA line. I'm confident you will be able to find something they will love!

Nurture the Nurturers

Baby dolls aren't just for little girls anymore - they're for everyone! I adore Wee Baby Stella dolls for so many reasons. From the fact that I can find a doll that looks like Lola (and so many other children of the world) to how they are the perfect size for little toddler arms to wrap around, Wee Baby Stella Dolls are a must-have if you're in the market for a baby doll. Manhattan Toys also carries a wide variety of accessories like a baby carrier and cradle for your little one's new addition.

Something I Need

Comfy Jammies

Little Lott Clothing Co is a Calgary, AB based clothing company and when I thought of pyjamas I couldn't NOT highlight this shop. If you're a fan of two pieces then click the pictures above, if you prefer one pieces, check out their rompers! I insist on getting PJs for myself and my whole family Christmas. Everyone needs at least ONE new pair a year.

The Perfect Sleep Sack

If you've been following me for a while, then you know I LOVE anything Kyte Baby! Something every toddler needs is a high quality, super soft, and perfectly snuggly sleep sack. This is something that Kyte Baby delivers on. In fact, there are two of these in the next size up wrapped under the tree for Lola this year. If sleep sacks are your toddler's thing, then take a look at their blankets or crib sheets! Then follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with all the new launches.

As Canadian as it Gets - A Toque

Winter is coming, or rather, its already here! And with the growth rate of toddlers I would guarantee that any toddler in your life needs new winter apparel. We love Peek-a-Boo Mini Creation in our house. We love the quality and style but also the fact that we can get matching toques for the whole family!

Meal Time Fun

How fun are these meal time accessories from Skip*Hop?! I love the brand and especially their Zoo collection. You can choose anything from these items or flatware, cups, bowls... all the fun things to make dinner time special! You can find Skip*Hop at many places, but I love to get mine from Buy Buy Baby. They are offering curb side pick up as well as their delivery is super fast (though don't wait too long). Sign up for their emails and watch a 20% coupon appear making these gifts super affordable!

Tips and Tricks

Find all the Savings!

I've always loved a good deal and now more so than ever. There are so many of us pinching pennies but also wanting to support local. I've found the best of both worlds with Shop Local Canada! This site is a nation wide directory of small shops with a wide variety of gift ideas - not just for kids. You can search by location or type of item you're looking to find. In fact, I've featured a couple of the shops in this gift guide (The Wicklow Project, Simply Love, hello Freckles).

The best part? Their Discount Club! For $20/year you have access to hundreds of discount codes for the shops listed on the site. Want to save even FURTHER? Use code MOMMYONFIRE to save 10% off the yearly subscription.

Shop Early

We've been hearing this for months, but make sure to give yourself, and Canada Post, LOTS of time to get your gifts to you if you're shopping primarily online.

If you're shopping local, many small shops offer pick up options as well.

Stay Safe

If shopping online isn't your style, make sure to stay safe during these crazy times. Follow public health guidelines, wear a mask, and try to shop during non peak hours. No Christmas gift is worth getting sick with Covid-19 over.

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