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Mother's Day Gift Guide

While I already felt like a mom on Mother’s Day last year with little Lola snuggled up inside of me, this year will be my first with Lola in my arms - and I'm excited! I’m sure so many moms out there can relate when you feel like you’ve been waiting what feels like forever to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mother. The cohort of mamas around the world is vast and wide and that means there is no one specific way to celebrate. I tried to keep this in mind as I came up with this gift and activity guide. I hope there is something here for every Mama!

From the Kids

One of the things I'm looking forward to with Lola is when she is old enough to bring home an art project of scribbles as a Mother’s Day gift. We all know this year is different and the majority of the time these gifts are made at school or daycare. With all the kids at home right now, I thought it would be helpful for the partners out there to gather a few Social Distancing friendly gift ideas for Mom from the kids! Although, I have to say good luck doing these without Mama knowing hehe!


Printable's are such a great idea and you can find them easily on Esty! Once you’ve purchased the printable from the shop, you can download the file to your computer, print it out, and let the kids have at it!


I know not everyone loves to receive a card as much as I do, but I do think there are enough moms out there who would very much appreciate a card - or two - in celebration of Mother's Day. I say multiple cards because a card from her partner and a card from her kids will really go a long way. Echoing the sentiment that cards from children are typically an activity done at school or daycare, if you're wanting to step up your card game at home, here are some great ideas:


I'm sure everyone has macaroni at their house - based on the pasta aisle in the grocery store lately - but I'm not so sure every adult has the same patience of our elementary school teachers to facilitate a macaroni and glue craft! This is where unique companies like Calgary based Pinnovate come in handy! They are delivering (and shipping out for the rest of Canada) awesome DYI craft kits. Not only will you be able to create an amazing gift for Mom, think of it as at least a half day of home schooling planned out!

From the Partners

Gifts from the kiddos are always sweet, but for a mommy's first Mother's Day (or her 10th) its always appreciated to have something special to open from her partner in parenting life!

Art Gifts

There are so many great shops on Etsy that provide you with a custom piece of art that you can simply print once its curated for you. Not only do you not need to leave the house, but you also aren't relying on an overburdened shipping system! It might be difficult to get the frame right away, but opening a custom piece of art, thoughtfully chosen by her loved one who knows her best, is sure to be hit! If a Printable gift isn't what you were looking for, Etsy has a plethora of shops who create sentimental or innovative wall art for the mamas in your life.

Sentimental and Fun

When I asked my mom friends what they were hoping for on Mother's Day, quite a few mentioned something sentimental like a necklace with her child(red)'s initial or birthstone. One of my most cherished gifts from my husband is my necklace that says 'Mother of Lola' in Arabic. Below are a couple ideas - from Etsy (have you sensed a theme yet?).

Instagram posts or Pinterest pins I am constantly receiving from SO MANY MAMA friends are Mommy and Me matching clothes or Mama Graphic Sweaters. Look no further than to Everglow Family Apparel - a Calgary-based Instagram shop for both of these types of gifts! Simply DM them to make an order.

Quality Time - aka FREE (or almost free as you may need to purchase the wine)

Since well before Lola was born, my time was not my own any more! Between how crappy I felt my whole pregnancy, to little or no sleep during the first few months, or now constantly having to be on the move with our little cruiser, I can ONLY imagine how long more experienced moms have gone without time to focus on themselves. Mother's Day is the perfect day to help moms feel special through quality time or acts of service gifts. Some long standing Mother's Day wins are:

- Let the mommy in your life sleep in!

- Breakfast in bed or a family brunch

- Give mama time to get ready (to do hair & makeup and pick out a nice outfit) in peace - no interruptions

- Set up for DYI family photos (figure out how to use your phone's photo timer!)

- Bubble bath (maybe with a mimosa or a glass of wine)

Spending the day together as a family creating memories was top of mind for all the mamas I spoke with when I was compiling ideas for this gift guide!

However you decide to celebrate the Mommies in your life, I am sure that whatever you do will be a success! Hopefully this gift guide helped you find some fun ways to make this Social Distance Mother's Day just as special as all the rest. I know I am looking forward to this special day in the Firfire household!

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